2005 Mass. Coaches Spring Relays Information

1.      The meet will be conducted under National Federation Track and Field rules.

2.      A competitor may compete in TWO TRACK AND ONE FIELD, OR ONE TRACK AND TWO FIELD.

3.      UNIFORM RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  School-issued uniforms only.

4.      All field event implements will be inspected, approved and marked for competition.

5.      Please come dressed to compete.  State Relay T-shirts will be on sale at all sites.  Food will be available.

6.      ENTRY FEE is $8.00 per event, with a maximum fee of $150.00 for the boys team and $150.00 for the girls team.  These are separate fees for boys and girls teams. A principal’s signature must be on the form, as well as the coach’s address and phone number.  Indicate if your school needs to be sent an invoice.  Your fee will be based on the number of teams you enter, not the number you bring to the meet.  Entries should be in the hands of the meet director by April 15th, 2005.

7.      A check or Purchase Order must accompany your entry form or it will not be accepted. Once an entry is received payment for all teams entered will be expected, whether the team(s) compete or not. Prompt payment is appreciatedJ.

8.    ENTRY DEADLINE is APRIL 15th, 2005.    A $25.00 late fee will be charged to schools whose entry is received after April 15th .  Entries received after April 22nd will be returned.

9.      Make checks payable: MASS STATE RELAYS.  MSTCA TAX ID #: 04-3394224.   

10.  Mail Entry forms and fees to: John Carroll, 47 Dove Cottage Road Falmouth, MA 02540

11.  If more information is needed check: www.mstca.org or e-mail: Trackjc@aol.com

12.  No starting blocks may be used in any event.  Short (1/4”) spikes allowed at all sites.

13.  Sprint Medley order: 400-200-200-800. Distance Medley order: 1200-400-800-1600.


Boys High Jump:         5’03”, then 5’06”, 5’09” and up two (2) inches.  Class D opens at 5’02”.


Girls High Jump:      4’04”, then 4’06”, 4’09”, and up  two (2) inches.

Boys Pole Vault:      8’00” and then up by six inches

Girls Pole Vault:      6’00” and then up by six inches

15.  In the field events you must enter three (3) athletes per event.  In the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin each athlete will have three (3) attempts.  If an athlete does not get a mark in that event then the team will not be allowed to score in that event.

16.  If a member of a High Jump/Pole Vault team does not make his/her opening height, then the entire team is eliminated from further competition and cannot score. Competitors must declare opening height.

17.  In the HIGH JUMP if there are more than six teams competing in the event, each jumper will only be allowed a total of six (6) jumps.  If there are less than six (6) teams then the jump limit will be removed.

Tiebreaker in H.J.: (1) Total team misses; (2) combined second jumps.

18.  Each Division will have a Team Champion and runner-up trophy.  Medals awarded for placing 1st – 6th.

19.  Scoring will be 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, and 1.  If a tie occurs, points will be split.  ALL TIES IN FIELD EVENTS WILL BE BROKEN.  Duplicate awards will be given only if the tie cannot be broken.  Tell your athletes to pick up their awards as soon as the results are announced.

20.  If a coach would like to work as a Field Event judge please contact the site director.  If you are the main official for an event you will receive a stipend.

21.  Seeding for the events will be done by submitting relay cards that you will receive the day of the meet.  Write your athletes’ names and reasonable performances expected and submit the cards.  If you have a field event team that will not compete please call the site director by the Wednesday prior to the meet so he can build field event flights.

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