SUNDAY, MAY 25, 2014

Sponsored by: Burlington High School                                Sanctioned by: M.I.A.A.

Location: 123 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Registration Fees/Deadline: $10 per athlete per event. $20 per relay team for entries completed by 8:00pm, THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014 VIA EMAIL TO 

Late Entries: With a goal of helping athletes with Friday League Championship Meets and participants in the Notre Dame Last Chance Meet, late emailed entries will be accepted through Saturday (May 24) at 6pm. An additional $5 fee will be charged per late entry ($15 per athlete per event and $25 per relay team).

Entry Format: Email to the athlete’s name, event, and seed time.

Field Events: 10:30am Start

Boys Long Jump followed by Boys Triple Jump. Seven (7) advance to finals.

Girls Long Jump followed by Girls Triple Jump. Seven (7) advance to finals.

Boys High Jump (opening at 5’ 4”) followed by Girls (opening at 4’ 5”).

Boys Discus followed by Girls. Seven (7) advance to finals.

Girls Shot Put followed by Boys. Seven (7) advance to finals.

Girls Javelin followed by Boys. Seven (7) advance to finals.

Girls Pole Vault (opening at 7’ 0”) followed by Boys (opening at 9’ 6”)

Running Events: 11:00am Start : Fully Automatic Timing. Slowest to Fastest heats.

Girls 400-meter Hurdles – Boys 400-meter Hurdles – Finals

Girls 2 Mile – Boys 2 Mile – Finals

Girls 100-meter Hurdle Trials – Boys 110-meter Hurdle Trials (Fastest 8 to the Finals)

Girls 100 meter Trials – Boys 100 meter Trials (Fastest 8 to the Finals)

Girls One Mile – Boys One Mile – Finals

Girls 400 meters – Boys 400 meters – Finals

Girls 800 meters – Boys 800 meters – Finals

Girls 200 meters – Boys 200 meters – Finals

Boys 110-meter Hurdle Finals – Girls 100-meter Hurdle Finals

Girls 100 meters – Boys 100 meters Finals

Girls 4 x 800-meter Relay – Boys 4 x 800-meter Relay – Finals

Girls 4 x 100-meter Relay – Boys 4 x 100-meter Relay – Finals

Girls 4 x 400-meter Relay – Boys 4 x 400-meter Relay – Finals

Payment Info: Teams must present cash, or check (made out to Matthew Carr) when picking up packet in order to compete. MSTCA PAYMENTS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE USED. P.O.’s NOT ACCEPTED. CASH OR CHECK ONLY, BASED ON REGISTRATION—NOT PARTICIPATION. Your emailed entry will be considered a commitment to pay the required entry fee, regardless of participation.

Contact Info: Matt Carr, Burlington High School, 123 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803. Work Phone: 781-273-7077. Cell: 781-439-8222. Email: