Jerry Espinosa

Bally Total Fitness Area V.P.


I would like to personally thank the Executive Board of the MSTCA for an incredible 2006 season! Under the leadership of Frank Mooney, Lou Tozzi, Jim Hoar, John Carroll, and the rest of the board; the MSTCA is blazing a trail for associations around the sport to follow! As a young athlete from North Attleboro in the 1970's I can recall looking up to the programs at Seekonk, North Quincy, and Falmouth! Clearly the impact that Mr. Mooney, Mr. Tozzi, and Mr. Carroll have made transcends decades and is felt across the sport! These men are GIANTS in our sport and I am honored to have worked with them so closely this past year! Thank you GENTLEMEN!! I would also like to thank Mr. Frank Kelley! His inspiration, dedication, and perseverance have made us all better people! The Frank Kelley Adversity Award is truly what our sport is all about! The human spirit and the fight! THANK YOU MR. KELLEY for being an ICON and LEGEND to all of us!! Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dwight Estey! Five years ago, Coach Estey inspired me to get back to the "GRASSROOTS" of the sport that I grew to love as a youth! He opened the door at North Attleboro and gave me the opportunity to work with and around the great people and tradition of North Attleboro Track and Field! It also made me realize that every town and every school across our state has a tradition and that the people in and around the community are the leaders in society! That on any given day in the fall, winter, or spring, you could simply visit a track or a practice and find coaches and people who are truly making a difference! That each team has a TRADITION and GREAT LEADERSHIP! Leadership that can make a difference and can be seen at any track meet or competition which displays sportsmanship, teamwork, positive mentoring, hard work, dedication and perseverance! Those ideals are taught by the coaches and are taught in each community across this state! THANK YOU COACHES FOR MA

KING A DIFFERENCE!! You are impacting lives each and every day and it is greatly appreciated! Have a great summer and GOD BLESS!!


In Fitness,

Jerry Espinosa