Bob McIntyre Relays
Sunday, January 25, 2004

11:00 A.M. Field Events - - 12:30 Running Events
Reggie Lewis Center, Roxbury Community College, Roxbury, MA

  Sponsored by David Prouty H.S. & Mass. State Track Coaches Assn.                                      Sanctioned by M.I.A.A.


4 x 800 meter Relay 4 x 50y Shuttle Hurdle Relay
Sprint Medley Relay-
Order: 800m-200m-200m-400m
4 x 50y Dash Relay
4 x 200 meter Relay Long Jump Relay (3 athletes)
Distance Medley Relay-
Order: 1200m-400m-800m-1600m
High Jump Relay (3 athletes)
4 x 400 meter Relay Shot Put Relay (3 athletes)

Information for Coaches

  1.  National Federation rules will be in effect for this meet.  The uniform rule is in effect for all events,
including field events.  Teams should come dressed to compete.

2.    The R.L.C. track is a fast, banked MONDO surface.  1/4” or 1/8” PYRAMID spikes may be used.
      Athletes using needle spikes or longer spikes than recommended will be disqualified.  Starting blocks
       will be supplied.

3.     Automatic qualification for the meet: any Mass. H.S. team that finishes in the top 6 in an event at the
       MSTCA State Coaches Relays on Saturday, Jan. 18 or Sunday, Jan. 19, 2003 will be automatically
       entered (no cost) in this meet.  You will need to declare your intentions to compete at the State Relays.
     If you want to enter a team that did not compete or place in the State Relays, you may do so by
       following the normal procedure.

4.    Limitation: an athlete may participate in two running and one field or two field and one running event.
     No athlete may compete in more than one meet on this meet day.

5.    Seeding will be done on the times submitted by the coaches or run at State Relays.  Please note where
       and when your team achieved the performance so that we may verify it, if necessary. In the field events,
       list the performances of the athletes entered, as well as the total performance.  In case you are “running
      my best team” in an event where they have not had a chance to compete this year, please note that on your
       entry form and list each individual’s best at the distance they’ll run so we can better select teams.  Do
       NOT over estimate your team’s potential. Distance Medley will be one section with fastest 12-15 teams

6.   Check of web site on Tuesday/ Wednesday, January 21/22 to see which teams
       are accepted for the meet. Please include your home phone number.

7.   In case of inclement weather the decision whether or not to cancel will be made by 6:30 A.M. (or earlier)
      on the day of the meet.  Coaches who can, listen to Mass. TV stations (look for Roxbury Community
      College) or radio stations for announcements.  Or you may call any of the people listed below:

Charlie Butterfield  508 - 886 - 6015 Frank Mooney    508 - 336 - 8291
Kevin Maloney        401 - 776 - 5534 Sue Moss              781 - 447 - 2993
Reggie Lewis Center   617 - 541 - 3535

8.    A complete set of results will be available at the scorer’s table as soon as the meet is completed.  Or
      you may bring a # 10 self-addressed stamped envelope, and the results will be sent to you. Envelopes
      will be available for purchase at the computer table.

9.    Results will be posted on – the official Coaches web site by January 31, 2003.

10.  FEES:    $20.00 per relay team entered.  A Purchase Order or check payable to M.S.T.C.A. must
accompany the entry or it will not be accepted.  M.S.T.C.A. Tax I.D. number is 04-3394224.
      You do not need to pay an entry fee for a team in an event that placed in the top six (6) in the Mass.
       State Relay Meet.

11.  AWARDS:  McIntrye Relay mugs for members of the top six teams.       

Non-Massachusetts teams:    In meet directors’ hands by Friday, January 17th, 2003.
Massachusetts teams:              In meet directors’ hands by Sunday, January 19th, 2003.
                                        You can hand entries to the meet director/or John Carroll at the
                                                      conclusion of your state relay meet.


Kevin Maloney
Blackstone-Millville Reg. H.S.
175 Lincoln Street
Blackstone, MA 01504 
508 - 876 - 0135 (S)
401 - 766 - 5534 (H)

Order of Events (Girls before Boys)

Field Events               Oval Events               Infield Events  

11:00 a.m.    12:30   after the High Jump is completed  
Shot Put & Long Jump 4 x 800 m Relay    Shuttle Dash Relay - Trials
High Jump (2 pits) Sprint Medley Relay  Shuttle Hurdles Relay - Trials  
4 x 200 m Relay Shuttle Hurdles Relay - Finals  
Distance Medley Relay Shuttle Dash Relay - Final  
4 x 400 m Relay  

The events in the infield (Dash/Hurdles) and the events on the oval will not run at the same time.

Field Event Information  

LONG JUMP   BOYS  All first attempts will be measured and then only jumps over [17’ 0”] will be measured.  
LONG JUMP  GIRLS All first attempts will be measured and then only jumps over [15’ 0] will be measured.
HIGH JUMP   BOYS Opening height is 5’ 6”.  All three boys must clear opening height to be   considered a scoring team.  
HIGH JUMP GIRLS Opening height is 4’ 6”.  All three girls must clear opening height to be    considered a scoring team.
SHOT PUT BOYS  All first attempts will be measured and then only throws over [40’ 0”] will be measured.  
SHOT PUT  GIRLS  All first attempts will be measured and then only throws over [28’ 0” ]will be measured.  

           The meet will supply shot puts.  No other  shots will be allowed, not even for practice.  Leave your shots home.

 R.L.C. will supply starting blocks. PYRAMID spikes only.  Spikes will be checked for correct length.  

Download entry forms to save and print at home. Entry Form